Midwifery Donations

Photo taken by Eric Miller

Photo taken by Eric Miller

A good friend and I shared a vision to provide midwifery care for anyone who was in search of it. He was the first African American male midwife in the nation and passed away before his vision could be accomplished. He battled many barriers his entire life and I was enriched to know him. Part of this practice is dedicated to him, to his passion, and to the belief that midwifery care could and should serve low-income families, especially families of color.

Please consider donating to the Access Midwifery Donation Fund to help provide supplies for families who may not be able to afford them. Monetary donations can be sent by check and should be made out to Access Midwifery, LLC with “Midwifery Donation” written in the memo line. In-kind donations are accepted as well.

Access Midwifery, LLC – Donation
2809 Commercial Avenue
Madison, WI 53704

  • Prenatal Vitamins, Vitamin D3, Fish oils, probiotics, Blood builder
  • Environmentally friendly diapers or cloth diapers
  • Postpartum sanitary napkins (Natracare or chlorine free pads, please)
  • Birth kits from Ma&Me Home Birth Supply (follow prompts for Tehmina Islam)
  • Maternity clothing

Items will be distributed based on availability and need.

Don’t have time to purchase something or want to send funds instead? Please feel free to PayPal it over to tehmina.islam@gmail.com